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What's your Must-Have Ice Safety Gear?

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I'm really happy seeing this sub-forum created, there's plenty of good information to be shared with people who are just getting into the sport.

Here's my top picks for gear, and this is always with me every time I'm on the ice.

 - Common sense (easily overlooked but the most important one!)
 - Throw Rope with a float
 - Around the neck Ice Picks
 - Floater Coat (looking at upgrading to a full suit this year)
 - Dry clothes/Blankets back in the truck, just in case I do go through.

I also try and pick my under-layers to be either wool, or some form of wicking fabric, so if I need to make the long, wet hike back to the truck (or some other safe place) it will hopefully delay the onset of hypothermia long enough to let me get dried off and warmed up. So far I've avoided going through the ice accidentally (except for Polar Dips) and hopefully I'll maintain that record.

Here's what I take :

Ice Picks, throwable flotation device (seat cushion) with rope.
Extra cloths.
Fire starter / survival kit
First aid kit (in truck)
Cell phone

One of the best things I do, is before heading out I check this website.
Get up to date ice reports, and then check Weather reports.  The weather can change in a hurry, but it also helps to know when a storm front is expected to come through.

Hope this helps,


I.D.I. Artic Armor
Ice Picks
Cell phone(in zip lock bag)
Throw Bag
First Aid Kit
Fire starter(cotton balls with petroleum jelly)
Repair Kit(with Duck Tape among other things)

Spare set of clothes, blanket, candles, matches and lighter in truck.

Also always let responsible person know where you are going, where you park, when you will be back. Also let that responsible person know of any changes in the itinerary.

Thick ice.

My "Must Have Ice Safety Gear"?   A PARTNER!!  Won't fish alone on early or late ice.  Don't like to fish alone on anything less than 6" of solid ice.  Wear the Ice Picks around my neck ALWAYS! :thumbsup:


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