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question on walleyes


Hey guys,

I went fishing last night for some eyes... started at about 1 to 9:30...

My question here is this, I fish on a lake filled with alewives... well last night I was fishing a dropoff from about 5-30 fow drop over about 20 yards..., Now i don't have a vex or anything sepcail so what i did was took my regular fish finder transducer and set it p for ice fishing. I saw fish below me about the same depth i was fishing(right on the bottom) and I didn't get a hit. So I was wondering if you were in that situation what Would you have done? and what you would've used to do that?


My progression with walleyes goes something like this. First I drop my favorite bait on them and that would be a jigging Rapala. I like to fish these 3-4 feet above the bottom. I've found that the aggressive fish will come up off the bottom like gang busters if they're going to hit. If they don't like the 1st color I'll try a couple different ones. If they don't want the Rapala I'll switch to a jigging spoon tipped with minnow(s). I drop these right to the bottom, pound the bottom a few times, and liift it right in front of their face. Alot of times they'll whack it right then but if they don't I lift it a few inches and jig it a few times then pause it. I keep going up, to maybe 4 ft. off the bottom, using the same action until it's apparent that they don't want a spoon either. My last option is to take a single hook spoon, such as a Hawger spoon, and reverse hook a minnow. This makes the minnow struggle to stay upright. Drop it down to the fish and jig it very gently because at this point you're obviously dealing with inactive fish. One more little trick to this set up is to add a stinger hook to the single hook. Tip this with a minnow or 2 as well. If they even breathe on it with a stinger you'll usually get em. Hope this helps you out.        

Thanks walleye1, Anyone else?


MOVE!!!!!!! there's nothing worse than sitting on top of a school of passive fish. presentation change along with depth may trigger SOME fish to hit, but it sure makes for a long day or evening of fishing. you may also have something other than walleye as well.  grumpymoe


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