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Im getting HT's Signature rod it comes im light/medium, medium/light, and medium in 28" and 36".  Whats good and a good line size for jigging raps and jigs with minnows?  

I like six pound test

i also like 6 pound. the berkly trilene cold weather(arctic blue color)

depending on how good of a reel you have on the combo you might want to use four pound. on my combos i like to use four and haven't lost an eye yet this year. on my tipup line i like to use 6 pound micro ice. as far as the rod goes i really like ultralights, unless you plan on only catching 10 pounders. i also like to use a shorter rod, since i typically jig in a shack, they are less likely to get broke in transit if they are short. i wouldn't get anything longer than a 28"

The line you use depends on the size and weight of the lure you use. I would use six pound mono for the smaller jigging rapalas, the number three and five, and 12 pound test fluorocarbon for the heavier jigging rapalas. Why the heavier line you ask? The heavy line slows the fall of a bigger jigging rapala, better giving it the ability to swim in that slow circle that predators like 'eyes love.



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