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walleye depth for tip ups

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how far off the bottom do you all rig ur tip ups for walleyes?  do you still do it like pike fishing 1-3 feet off the bottom or do you vary the depths?
what depths for jigging too if you don't have a vexilar?

 It all depends on your lake - but staggering the depths between each tipup in your spread will help your cover more depths. Maybe start on some sort of structure and place them on it -- then off it -- and all the inclines or delines you can find. I think constant contact with the bottom between jigging will help stir something up. But you can answer the questions with your vex.

is there a rule of thumb measurement off the bottom?
1-3 feet off bottom or structure like that or do you just stagger the depths?
and jigging u always start at the bottom?

I typical hook my weight to the tipup line and send it to the bottom -- set the tip up on the ice and hand pull the line out of the hole -- bait it -- and put it back down -- the amount of line you leave on the ice -- is how far off the bottom it is. I usually fish my tipups 1-2 feet of the bottom. There is room for error dont get me wrong. I always start jigging on the bottom inless they showup suspended on the graph.

When ice-fishing for walleye, I never have my bait more than 12in off bottom. More often than not 2-6in off bottom.


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