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How late is too late?

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What's everybody's opinion on how late to stay out for the walleyes?  The lakes where I fish the most are usually vacant - except for me - about 1 hour or so after sundown.  What is the usual time frame for when the bite picks up again after it tapers off around sundown?

have kept time logs at the shanty and found most walleye bite well up to 10:00 am on bright days and are sporadic until just before sundown. have fished up to and after midnight with excellent catches.try different depths including shallows where they follow baitfish that cant see them at dark  lol :'( :'(

How late I stay out depends upon moon phase and snow cover. If it's dark and lots of snow on the ice I find the walleye shut off around an hour after dark , then don't start up again until after midnite. If there's a bright moon and little to no snow cover, they may bight all night. Have fun and experiment.

It is never to late. Some times if I am layed off from work I will stay out from dusk to dawn and the Walleyes bite all night long.

All night long the bite can be good just as blazen36 said. Never too late in my book.


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