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why can't i catch walleye thru the ice ?

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hi folks
i live in ohio,at a private lake that is well stocked with walleye. i catch a few during the summer months. they lower the lake approximately six to seven feet. i have fished this lake in the same area that i catch them during warm weather but to no avail . any ideas would be greatly appreciated  

Fish deeper. Try also fishing later into the evening even after dark and maybe getting there before sunup. These are not the only times to catch wally but you up the odds. Are you using baits that target wally more specifically? Jigging spoons, minnows. Good Luck.

i have fished in water as deep as 65 feet and as shallow
as 6 feet.with all the tipups that the law allows. i have used every jig imaginable except the rat finkee which i never knew existed until i found this website . i will have some of these though. i use minnows ,shiners, leeches etc. i'm not the only one who hasn't had any luck though . i have been ice fishing here for three years and have only seen 2 walleye caught thru the ice. and those were by accident.
both people were first timers, one was a 6 year old boy
who got the thrill of a lifetime.also i will be getting a fishfinder as soon as i figure out which one to buy.

Can you get a map of this lake? If not what under water structure does it have? Such as under water humps points deep water fast dropoff Start your search in these areas and do what Mr Seaguar said fish at night or real early
Good luck
Cold Feet

John-boy, find the structure, or the bait fish and you should find the fish. you can try your local bait stores or ask the DNR in your state about maps. good luck


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