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Need new auger

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My Eskimo broke and needs to be replaced. I want something lightweight and dependable. I was looking at an Ion and hoping for input. Iím kind of tired of dealing with gas and want a 10 inch. Iím looking for something that will work when I make a few trips per year north. I already have an 8 inch pistol that I like with thin but looking for something that can handle thicker ice. Thanks,

Canít beat the 10Ē G2 bit from ion.

Strikemaster 10"  40V!!! You SHALL like it!!!

I have a Model 30 looking for a good home.
I'm going to miss that jiffy sound across the lake.
Went to a battery auger 2021 only because of weight.

Take your pick between Strikemaster or Ion. I don't know anyone who's disappointed with either of them.


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