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Gull Lake 2022 ice fishing season is over for us


I put the shack out at Brownlow's Landing on Gull Lake on New Years Day and spent 12 weekends in a row out there. Fishing was abysmal - I landed 2 pike and had one burbot to the top of the hole before it snapped the line, and my wife landed only one small perch. We did see a good variety of fish on the camera, lots of perch and pike, a good number of burbot and whites, but very few walleye.

At least the winter camping with friends in the shanty village was good. We enjoyed a few cold beers around the campfire and told a few lies. One of the highlights was an incredible fireworks show that someone put on one weekend. To whoever that was, thanks! Another weekend a wicked storm came through Saturday covering the truck and the shacks in a blanket of ice.

Work has me busy for the rest of the season so we pulled the shack off yesterday while the weather was good. The tilt deck trailer made loading the shack much easier than previous years!

Next year... Sylvan Lake???

Thanks for your post.  Great pic's BTW

Ice season for me was without a doubt the worst ever and I have been at it for a loooooong time ;D

Went to Chestemere yesterday and iceed 9 pike all small   But fish caught for a change.

Was  going to head out today for the final but the wind is blowing big time.
So the next thing for me is clean and put alway all the ice gear and start sitting in my boat in the garage wondering how much longer before that ice is off. 

Tight Lines every one.


Tough year for me as well.  Pigeon was a grand total of 3 whites landed in 11 trips.   A lot of goose eggs for that lake alone. 

Gull Lake and Sylvan are both over fished.   You can move your shack to Sylvan but you might not like what you find. 

I hope they keep regular netting and creel surveys on these two lakes.   By far the two busiest l have visited.  I wonder how many whites at Sylvan they might get now...

By the way, great pics!  Fishing aside those look like some good times.

That's a tough season for that much time spent. Looks like some scouting is in store for next season. Glad the times were good which is what you want and nice pictures. Better luck next season.


--- Quote from: SNAPFisher on Mar 15, 2022, 06:54 PM ---You can move your shack to Sylvan but you might not like what you find.
--- End quote ---

We were considering Sylvan because the water is much clearer than Gull and you can actually see with the camera, plus most of the guys live around Gull/Sylvan area. We're from Edmonton so it's even further to drive to Sylvan than to Gull, so we might end up back on Pigeon Lake at Mulhurst.


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