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5 favorite walleye lures

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BuckShot Rattle Spoons
Buck Tails (YELLOW)
Jiggin Rapala
Swedish Pimple
Had some luck with a Whistler Bee this year as well :)

1) Cubby mini mite red head whtie tail
2) 1/16 shad dart red head white tail
3) small 1/16 tube jig black with green tail
4) small 1/10 jigging rapala fire tiger
5) small cast master glow/silver hand painted
All tipped with a minnow head.
Take my perch list and move up to the next size use just minnow head.
also works for crappie and trout and bass. ;D

swedish pimple
rattle spoon
chubby darter
jigging rap
deadsticked minnow

5 best for ice fishing
chubby darter
walleye flyer
slow poke jig
blue fox tingler
rocker minnow

swedish's all i use and works everytime haha


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