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Got out again today for a few hours. Bite pretty steady from noon to 2:30 at about 12 ft and then they moved out to 16'. Not much for size today but it was a great day to be out on the ice. Weather finally broke here about plus 3 this afternoon. Micro leech still best hook of the day.

Nice to see someone has got out and posted

Thanks for sharing


Got out again today for a few hours. Great mid day bite going on the last couple times out, caught a couple nice fish today but still a swarm of stockers down there. I did catch my first tiger of the year though.

Nest markings on that Tiger!

Nice work!  Yes, nice to get out when it is not -1,000,000 degrees.
I`ve put up a lot of goose eggs this year so far....maybe even a new record for no fish.   Name of the game though.   Some of these lakes take a lot of work to figure!


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