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bait tank canibalism


I have a 50 gal. bait tank holding large shiners, suckers and fallfish, mostly 6-10" long  (for pike and musky) I lost several shinners that had large chucks bitten of the back of their heads.  I don't usually feed my bait.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Do you feed your baits?  thanks for any feedback. 

Fallfish are like creek chubs arent they? I cannot put a creek chub in my bait tank or it will kill and eat everything in it. they are nasty evil creatures! Shiners and suckers always do just fine, chubs will kill everything for sport.

Oh and for food, I let my tank stay naturally 33-40 throughout the winter, with the exception of during really cold snaps in which I toss in a small aquarium heater set on the lowest setting. I checked mine earlier today and its at 60F which is warmer than I would like, a buddy of mine has a livestock tank heater that only kicks on at 35 and off at 40 so I need to get one of those. Colder you keep it, the less you need to feed. You really dont have to feed at all below 40F, fish can go weeks without eating. But When I do have to feed, I just use normal cheap pond grade goldfish flakes. A tiny pinch every 3-4 days to keep them alive. The more you feed, the more they will poo.. and the more they poo the higher the toxins will get... and the higher the toxins get, well you know the cycle.

Thanks Kevin.


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