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8 inch Nils convertible hand auger

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new iceman:
Merry Christmas everyone, coming to you from Central Alberta Canada. i just purchased today a 1 year old 8 inch Nils convertible and went to the lake to drill a test hole (by hand) started very slowly with a dimple in the ice and then seemed to take off and really chew for a bit with no down pressure like I expected it to do the whole time but then it would just seem to spin getting nowhere and then catch again and so on for the duration of the hole, about 24 inches worth. Just guessing as I didn't have tape with me, Anyway I'm hoping it just needs a sharpening and was wondering if there was anywhere in Canada that could do this? or do I have to send it to Frank

Welcome to the forum.  Not sure where in Central Ab you are but check with a local sporting goods store they should know who can sharpen your blades.  You can also buy a hand sharpener that works for most blades with the exception of the Strike Master lazer blade.

There is a large store just off gasoline alley in Red Deer cannot remember the name but I think Wolvereen or something like that.
Hats off to you for going with a hand auger. 


new iceman:
Thanks for the info SHOTGUN I will check that out, it was just everything I have read on the NILS is that it has to be shipped to Minnesota to a fella named Frank and one other place in the states. I was hoping someone in Canada was trained in the process cause apparently it can't be done by just anyone.

If your blades are a convex shape then they would be similar to  the Strike Master Lazer Mag which I have.  I remember getting that guys name a few yrs back as the only one who could sharpen the blades I had to send him the blades and if I remember 20 us cash.

No matter what anyone tells you , if they are covex they can only be sharpened with a computor lathe.

T hats why I always have a spare set.  Try the fishn hole they may have a set or could get you one.


Handofgord in Winnipeg sharpens Nils heads (the entire head needs to be shipped). Cheaper than FRank in MN, but I find Frank did a much better/cleaner job.


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