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jiffy model 43 4g lite

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Anyone have a part # for these chinese carbs? Found a bunch on amazon but i dunno if they will fit

Then match the carb stamp # up against them..... ::)


--- Quote from: Rebelss on Dec 13, 2021, 11:56 AM ---Then match the carb stamp # up against them..... ::)

--- End quote ---

Yea tried that. Only match that seems to come close is for a model 30 jiffy. And they are not the same. So like i asked...does anyone have a specific # that they ordered for their replacement on thr 4g lite

ice dawg:
You could try they show that carburetor on their site for about $90 plus shipping. They say it replaces Jiffy part# 4469. Part# FEL4469 on site. Don't know if it is in stock since I didn't put one in a cart. They also list a carb repair kit for less than $10.

Yea tried that website... they wont ship to canada :(


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