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St. Agatha Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby

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--- Quote from: Bduals207 on Feb 01, 2022, 05:10 PM ---I did 3 nights on long in an eskimo 949i no issues. A great way to weed out the softies though that's for sure. Had the woodstove going and all. A great time, and some great people for sure. I pulled up a pretty nice L.L but not enough to place. Surprised NO 3rd touge for kids was entered tho. Cant wait until next year!

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Thats what i need next, is a woodstove!! My wife and son  were warm and content, i was just worried about the wind, but we were tucked in a small cove so didnt get the brunt of it. I know, I told my son i wished he caught one to enter. Man did we have fun though, cold and all!!
Gotta love that Big Buddy!!


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