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Hi Guys!

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Yeah, I'm hearing about ice already. Prolly not fishable but better than expected. it's still gonna be warm but I think we'll be on track to start at a normal time. I'll be loading my gear into the ol' Tahoe today.  ;D  :tipup:  :tipup:  :tipup:


--- Quote from: appleye on Oct 31, 2021, 11:37 AM ---No count down.  The SD page has very little activity. Good to see you back

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Good to be back and glad to see you are still on here.  :tipup: :tipup: :tipup:

Mr Persistent:
Going to head up to Deerfield this weekend and check things out, will post a report

frozen eyelet:
Will be interested in your report. We are supposed to come up Wednesday and hoping to not cancel. I have a close friend that really needs this trip to get mind cleared and off of crappy things that life has dealt him.
Any help useful for us for this trip!

Wednesday (Tomorrow) supposed to be rain then snow in NE,,,, Heard last week ice 2 inches to 5 inches,,, but had some temps in 50's also since,,,, SO ????,,, After front tomorrow should make ice then as minus degrees at night and only in 20's through weekend.  Have not been out YET but will soon.


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