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2020/2021 Ice Fishing Season - PIC HEAVY

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An amazing ice fishing season has come to an end. 

Pigeon Lake was very good to me this year!  I was very successful in fine tuning my presentation.  It started off fairly normal with the a day being 1 or 2 whites landed. It didn't take long though before they really woke up and I had dailed in the presentation.  Over a 3 week period I managed to fish it 5 times and ended up with 13 whites.  I moved onto other lakes for a while but did make two return trips to Pigeon during the seasion which was lights out for both. Each time keeping it to 3 whites to eat fresh.  Final trip I had those 3 on the ice in 20 min, released a 4th that was at least 8 lbs.  I was pulling the hook away after that and ended up moving on and trying different areas and presentations just to change it up a bit.  I'm sure that could have managed a full limit that day...


First white and fun with the cats.

New day brings new hope

And delivers!!

What a hump on that one - hunchback!

7.5 lber

I like the contrast in these next two pics - 3.7 lber and a 7.5 lber - look at the different in the backs

8.0 lbs on the left and 7.2 lbs on the right

Lots of this going on. Trying different coatings.

Best whitefish recipe ever!

Pigeon was amazing!!!
Can't say enough how big the average size was this year and the quality of fish.  I wonder if there is many lakes anywhere to match it.  I like keeping stats to compare year over year.  This year, 19 whites landed that totaled a staggering 114.5 lbs and an average of 6.02 lbs per fish!!!  I have 5.5 whites in the freezer and all the rest were eaten fresh.  I`m full of omega 3 :)
I know it sounds like it was easy posting it this way.  Years of hard work and putting in the time is what it took.  Though that last trip was just one of those days...

Did a lot of exploring after Pigeon.  Fished a lot of new lakes and found success at all of them.  Looking forwards to returning to some of them next year.  Feels good to have a lot of new spots to move on to.  The only real disappointment was Gull during the burbot spawn - no whites seen which is concerning for that lake.  That said, did find some new spots there as well that hold promise for next year. Burbs are getting to be a nice size as well.

Random pics:


65 cm wallie!


BAB fish - Big ass burb! :)

8.5 lbs

Fresh burb while out on the ice

With chips

Enjoying the outdoors

Great photos! Enjoyed reading your post.

Thanks for that post.  Lifts ones spirits.

I had my personal worst ice season ever I can remembrer.  Skunked more times than I want to report.  Did try Sylvan once but the crowds were so bad I am beginning to think that lake is just about seen it's last glory days.

Too many fishing and most just out because of covid.  A jungle for sure.  Now it looks like there most likely is going to be a launch fee at Breakers cove after the cabin residents have asked the county for  person to moniter and look after the boat launching.

Never had any luck for whites during the ice season but I sure love catching them speedsters from the boat.  Too much fun.

Have a good open water season boys.



Walks on Water:
Great post, SNAP, and reading it was a great way to get revved up for the new season.

I started the post from the bottom and thought, "hey, I recognize that fire pit". We've caught a burb or two while sitting beside it drinking tea and listening to old tunes. :)


 Thanks snap for sharing ,


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