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hook setup for nighttime walleyes

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any secret setups , do you use glow in the dark. stinger hooks jigs. I  been fishing for years in northern mich but yet to catch a walleye through the ice. yesterday ,a few perch and 2 lawyers.
this a cool forum I just joined.I can keep a secret ;) and may your flags fly high. :'(

I just use a shiner fished a foot off the bottom.  As for the glow jigs....walleye by nature are night feeders and probably don't need a glowing jig to find your bait.  If you feel it helps, by all means use them, but they probably aren't necessary.

I like to raise my line a couple of feet off bottom at night. Perch will suspend up off bottom at night because they cannot see as well as the walleye. The walleye will come up to feed on the perch. Fishing too close to the bottom at night will guarantee you a ling or two.

You're right crappie_attitude walleye do feed alot at night and I think thats the only time they'll want to feed because I go out sometimes early in the morning thou myself maybe around 3 then fish until 8 and come back for breakfast then go out again for panfish.

I fish in the georgian bay area, about 2 hrs north. I do set up about 3 ft off the bottom, I had more luck that way, there eye are set up more upward than downward.

I dont use glowing lure, or other light related lure


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