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Greg Dennison:
What is the best type of bait for walleye. And where would the most oxygen be in the water.  

The best bait for walleye on a tip-up is minnows. Try
using a small and large minnows at the same time to see which they perfer on that day. Late in the season (low oxygen) try using a split shot above the bait as the walleye won't want to put forth much energy to grab a frisky minnow. Cloudy water you can use a shinny blade
to help walleye find the bait and hold minnow close.
Oxygen plays a big part in fish being active feeders.
If you can find an area where even a small amount of fresh water can enter your watershed, be it by a small stream or something of the sort try that area.Even a spring will continue to run under surface ice.
I believe fish will find oxygen first then feed on prey which come in for the same reason. Remember! snow melt water is a poor source of oxygen. Gosh??? Your question of(where is the most oxygen) has so many posibilities to it,*age of ice*snow cover on ice*. I'll say this - after the sun can no longer push through snow
cover giving rays to a growing weed bed the weeds die and do not make oxygen any more. Deep water will hold its oxygen longer. I have a old PH/Oxygen meter which I've had for years that you just lower the censor down in the water to take a readings at different depths. Low oxygen levels are tuff to beat. If you find and catch fish in a area of any specie that tells you an area is holding fish and the oxygen level must be somewhat good.  

8) ;) I know for northern ontario shinners ARE the best in the north

Walleye's under the ice... You cannot beat a #7 jigging Rapala (black & silver)with a minnow head hooked to the treble. This lure has a seductive action that drives walleye's mental! This works best when Walleye's are neutral to active. In Minnesota we can use two lines through the ice. I set one line within five feet with a bobber and minnow set-up. Then I jig with the second line. Alot of times your jigging will bring them in but, if they are not active they may slip by and snag the slower moving minnow. This combination has worked for me all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario. It is my confidence bait. Rememeber, confidence is 75% of presentation.

I have had my best luck fishing 6 to 8 inches from the bottom hooking my shiners right behind the head,  my sinker about 18 inches above the hook, and a well balanced tipup. I set up in 10 to 12 feet of water close to where a creek or river enter the lake, 30 to 45 minuetes before daylight.


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