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Headed up to Bitter lake on Wednesday and wondering if anybody had any recent reports or an idea of depths for eyes a d perch?

Appreciate any feedback and will be sure and post a follow-up report.

Sent you PM

 Bitter was junk; marked very few fish and couldnít get them to bite.

Waubay was better but not much; fish didnít turn on until around 4.

We did find limits of perch at a small lake in the area that Iím sure is about to get overfished with the amount of trucks that were there yesterday.

Fishing been any good up this way headed up with a couple buddies this weekend. Any must hit lakes?

Me and a buddy were thinking of heading up at the end of Feb. Called a couple local baithouses, not much help..  5.5 hr drive not wanting to get a guide, but may have to. At least they try to get you on fish. We are thinking of staying in the watertown area. Any help would be great.  Hell if we could hook up with some locals or folks that could point us in the right direction! Just a couple guys who enjoy fishing.


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