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Hey everyone,

Anyone know if a bunch of ice castles are on Bitter? Going up next weekend Jan 15 (I know the temps stink but if it's 14 inches like I've heard I still should be good in spots I would think) I wanna get mine out but obviously I'd check ahead and maybe even go with a guide up there to get it on somewhere. Just trying to gauge what's happening in that part of the state

We were on Bitter this past week on the east side with a guide and we were on around 12 of ice. But other parts of the lake are not that good. You really have to be careful. Please check out the post on IDO forum of the Sno Bears and people that have gone through the ice up there on other lakes. And sadly a couple people lost there lives. Not to discourage you but please check ahead and do your homework before you go.

ice dawg:
40 weather coming for around four days so it won't be improving.


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