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Sometimes they work snd sometimes they don't. That is why I have boxes of jigs, spoons, Hali's, hooks, etc etc etc.

Questions: 3300, what particular flashlite are you referring to, the link shows many flashlites?  On the wedgies, which length and color?  Thank you for all time you spend putting together that information.

I will follow up on researching the Glo jigs the rest of you have suggested.  It can be difficult getting things shipped to Canada for a reasonable rate (or even at all), so that may enter into the equation, but hope to order some of each to try.  As always in fishing, the cost per pound of fish caught makes lobster look like a bargain.  Thank you for the replies and I welcome any other suggestions.

any of the ones rated uv 365nm. that is the wave length you want to charge glo paint the best. i have a 2 pack of one of them that was 15$ us and i have another one that is on the larger side that's 15$ us for one. the smaller ones work just as well.
here is one of the many you can pick that i picked so you know what one works well.

the wedgees are all the same length. as you hook fish and wear the first hole out, you can trim them shorter to get more time with it. you could just trim it shorter if your getting a lot of misses where they bite just the plastic or if you just prefer them to be on the short side.
since you asked about glo, i pair the glo wedgees with a glo jig. they have four colors for you to pick from and they are super cheap so buy a few of each color. i mainly use the one called glo. it is white in color. try glo jigs with non glo plastics and reverse it so its non glo jig with glo plastics. adding sent can help at times if your getting lookers and snubbing your bait. it maybe smelling some thing from your fingers that you have to mask.

glad to help. it's one of many combinations that work and not just on crappie/paper lips. i also use my scoop to land them at the hole because of how thin their tissue is around their mouths. basically i block the hole as more of the fish is in the air because it gets heavier as less and less water allow it to float. block the hole and then raise the fish from under it in case the hook rips out.

My go to combination for night time crappie is a Custom Jigs & Spin glo rat finke with a waxie.  Gently jiggle it just above the the top of the weeds.

My go to that has caught more specks than any of my glow jigs is a  tiny size 18 micro treble with a emerald shiner and a tiny splitshot on the line.i always have a lantern by the hole too.


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