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5 unusually colored walleye + 1.


Water Wolf:
Hi all,
I came across these photos of 5 unusually colored walleye on the target walleye website.
Check it out at this link ---->  ;D

I have seen photos and videos of walleye like the bonus one from lake Winnipeg, but, that's still the greenest I have seen yet. @)

Have any of you caught anything like those walleye?
If so, what did you catch them on, and where?

I have caught a few pale green and yellow walleye almost like the 6th bonus one, but, for sure no where near as that intense green on the back.


Since I don't really take photos, I have to go by memory.  Anyway I've never caught any with as intense coloration at those in the pictures.

I have caught some that have some really white belly's and some that are basically gunmetal topside.

With Sauger mix Saugeye, the coloration pattern multiplies too.

Makes me wonder if there isn't a lottle bit of "photo shopping" being done to "enhance" the colors.

Call me suspicious....just sayin. ::)

I have caught a few over the years with a lot of orange on them. Most come from the river feeding the lake. I always believed it was 1. the water is usually colder in the river, 2. the bottom is made up of large rocks, where out in the lake it is more sand bars, slit, etc. They do stand out from the run of the mill walleye.....h2l


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