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--- Quote from: Adironzach on Jan 11, 2020, 01:03 PM ---I havent for walleye specifically but i almost always have a stinger on my tubes when using them on the ice. Im primarily using tubes when im targeting lakers tho and when they get finicky, the stinger is crucial. I prefer to rig the stinger from the eye hook, instead of the main hook shank. Keeps the stinger hidden in the skirt of the tube instead of sticking out behind it

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"If" I decide to try a stinger they will be the  short 2 inchers. Hiding shouldn't be a problem even if I attached it to the hook of the spoon. Head/ half minnow off the spoon and a little sumpin' on the stinger. Thinking the tail of a Wyandotte Worm or similar.

I have used them for walleye with larger 3" minnows. Have had some issues with them hooking the bottom of the ice. If I keep getting hit short I will use smaller lure or break minnow in half.


 I use short stingers for lakers , and when  buck tail jigging for eyes on soft water ,

Typically I use stingers for pike & walleye on bucktails but not for ice fishing.  I recently posted a video on tying stingers.



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