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St. Lawrence River Guy:
I stuck around on the ice yesterday toward dusk and was thrilled by when a giant walleye came in to grab my swedish pimple. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready to start targeting walleyes so it was my perch rig with a tiny treble and the hook eventually snapped after a 2+ min fight.

Is it more likely that this was a random lone fish or that this could be a productive spot? 

Details - water depth 24 ft (near a weed edge - sand bottom) coming up from deeper water nearby.  I used tips from an earlier post on spots to target from this board. So far so good. 

The next goal is to put one on the ice!

Sounds like it could be a productive spot.

Could be a good spot, you never mentioned a depth but it could have been a route they take going from deep to shallow at night to feed. Might not be to be productive a place to sit through the day but I would definitely spend more time there in the morning and evening, the bite might not last long but it could be very steady.

If you catch 1 walleye in a spot, evening bite. Is it worth going back to the next morning or find new spot?

I would be back there.  Keep fishing it for a few days catch nothing find a new spot.  Like the old saying goes, there are a lot of good fisherman when the sun goes down.  Prime time for eyes in my neck of the woods.


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