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How do you get them to bite?


Over the past month since I bought my new Helix 7, I have been marking larger fish in the shallows around sunset and sunrise, yet haven't been able to catch them.

I'm figuring these are walleye, and would love to catch a few as my lucky for walleye isn't the best. Any ideas or opinions?

The lake has a basin in the 20-25ft and around 4:00-6:00 I sit in 12 ft of water and tip my spoons and jigs with minnow heads.

Thanks for the tips!

Sounds like a nice lake!  Maybe Walleye, maybe Suckers, Bass, or even Carp and Catfish. Nice to have a camera in such situations. Great fun anyway tryin to get what ever it is to bite.  Article at the link may help:

2 holes..jig one hole and  dead stick the other...donít over work your jigging rod..8-9Ē lift shake shake shake..rinse and repeat about a foot above the fish.  Bring the fish up like your bait is fleeing like a natural bait fish would do... get those buggers to chase..good luck...

Live minnow under a float just above marks has worked for me.
And I would agree with Chute 82 for jigging.


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