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Restoring a couple of old spears


Bucket Rump:
Recently came across a couple of old pike fishing spears that I am looking to clean up and use.  From what I have been able to find, one appears to be an old Randall standard model and the other is a Neely - both are 7-tine spears.  The Randall needs the least work - has some rust, but the tines are very, very dull - figured I would wire brush the rust off and take a file to the tines then protect it with some type of coating.  The Neely has very little rust, decent sharpens to the tines, plus has a bit of the original green/olive paint left on the head.  Issue with it is that somebody added some lead weight to the handle, starting an 1" or so above the head and extending up 5-6" on the handle.  They did a pretty nice job with tapering it and keeping it even around the circumference of the handle shaft, though, so I was thinking of leaving the weight on.  What do you guys typically do to restore these old spears?  I was originally thinking I would use gun barrel bluing or plum brown on them once I had them cleaned up, but now I'm wondering about restoring them as close to original as I can.  Any thoughts as to these spears and how to restore them?

Are you planning to use them or restore back to orignal paint etc??  The lead weight on it sounds like he may have been fishing deep water with that spear ?? If you can try sand or bead blasting them if you have some thing to do it with ?? if not wire brush is best or even a wire cup on a right angle grinder?? also powder coating or a good enamel finish like rustolem will keep rust off I prefer matte flat black for no glare.. then just sharpen as needed..

 now if planning to restore back to orignal paint finish? As in same  paint color that matches?? I would  first before you remove paint!!  match the colors up..  this can be real hard to do on some old lead paints etc.. old  powder coats etc?? Cause they just aren't around any more??  so it's harder to match up!!  .. this is why a lot of guys don't repaint there chevy c10's they call it "patina" and just clear coat over it?? There are differences in like a mantle wall hanging spear versus one you use all depends on what you want to do with it??

Bucket Rump:
Planning on using them.  It's just the more I read up on spearing the more of a historical aspect of the sport comes to light.  I'm starting to think it might be pretty cool to try and get 'em back to as close as possible to original versus whatever whim color scheme I like at the time.  I don't see where these are super collectible, but was just wondering what thoughts others, particularly spearmen, thought about the restoring of them.


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