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Catching Walleye during a high pressure/high sky day.....


Good morning fellow Ice Fisherman,
I will be fishing on a lake later this week (Thurs-Sat) and the barometric pressure is supposed to be steadily rising and the temp dropping to near zero.  There is a brief snow system that is also supposed to hit for mid day friday.  Just curious if anyone had any tips or tricks for catching fish in that type of weather?  I am totally prepared to keep moving and searching to find an aggressive fish, just looking for any more advice.   Thank you in advance!  Stay safe out there.


don't be afraid to try large bait, Always surprises me what people recommend for walleye. There mouths are huge, and appreciate a big minnow. if you have a camera it can help let you know if you found them, then just work out what their interested in.

Look for deep flats dropping into deep water and sit right on the edge. We were fishing a high pressure system and our best fishing came at sun rise ans sun set. The fish stayed deep but would periodically move up to see our offerings. The most activity was during first and last light the walleyes would move right up on active baits. If they didn't bite we'd drop down a passive lure (spoon jigged lightly or a minnow). Our active lures were blade baits and rattle baits to call the fish in.


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