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Marking an old spearing hole?

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--- Quote from: wyogator on Dec 22, 2018, 01:21 PM ---The guys who spear on our lake leave the block of ice, taken out of the hole, next to the edge of the hole.

--- End quote ---
.         Yeah, canít see it, and would be bad news to hit with a sled or atv !!

Whopper Stopper:
I always put my block back in the hole making sure it is laying flat.

I Always put brush with surveyors ribbon to mark the hole. Once it's frozen in place I go back and remove the ribbon.


Usually use a good sized branch or a brightly painted wood dowel. In ND it's the law to have a marker in possession before making a hole larger than 10"


Evergreen branches of any kind, work the best.
Contrast against the snow is good.
Show up well after dark also.
Some types of Oak limbs that hold their leaves late, work good too.

 a couple years ago, with the event of Christmas, I would bring home a discarded Christmas tree, put it in the back yard, and it would be my brush for the year


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