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Ramp 23:
What's your most successful tip up for Waldo ? I.E. polar , heritage , jack , etc

I use all kinds of tip ups... I prefer the flat rectangular tip ups over any of the others.. Gave away all my polar disc tip ups as I dont like them.. I have lots of old traditional wooden tip ups as well...
I use braid or thick ice line as main line with a minimum 2ft flouro leader

I use the Frabil Arctic Fire tipups, but have had to lube all of them up as I got them. Once lubed, they work great. I know a lot of others I fish with use Beaver Dams, but I cant justify the price if I can lube up the Frabil ones and get them pretty close to the Beaver Dams

Great ideas for fishing.

I was out over the weekend and the guys next to us were using the "door stopper" style and far outfished us with them. We had a number of jackers and Frabills out and these cheap homemade rigs outfished us 10:1.  I made a couple when I got home to keep in the arsenal. 


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