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Are there any must have walleye books for learning behavior for each season/time of day/weather pattern/etc? food they eat, etc.?

 I have a copy of  'Walleye Wisdom,an In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies'  from the local library. For a novice like myself it has a huge amount of new information on seasonal patterns in different water body types. Not too much on ice fishing though.

X2 on "walleye wisdom" which contains a ton of information, I believe I got my copy off ebay. Another decent one is "the comprehensive guide to WALLEYE PATTERNS" by Babe Winkelman. Of the two "walleye wisdom" contains way more information, but like already stated it has to do with mostly open water fishing.

Just bought a copy. Thanks guys

One of the best overall books for walleye that I read was Walleye Trouble Shooting: Mike McClelland or any of the MIke McClelland books. His hay day was back a few years but his knowledge of walleye fishing still applies today.


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