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--- Quote from: Idahogator on Feb 04, 2016, 05:00 PM ---Maybe we'll soon know how they're doing, as Kamooki is having a few ?contest/promotions? in some of the northern states that manage walleye.

I'll have a 'lure retriever' along and just hope for no hang-ups.     ;)2

--- End quote ---

He'll and I thought loosing Rapalas on open water was bad! Geeeeeez!


Sebile spin shad.

These are great too. Retailed at $15.  That price killed the lure.  That and they only came in two sizes.  3/4 oz and 1 1/2 oz.  Most rods can't cast a 1 1/2 oz lure.

Chubby Darter
Lindy Darter
Yo-Zuri Edge Trembler minnow
Storm Flutterstick minnow

These all work in there own time and place.

1/3oz and 1/4oz Cleos! Glow colors are great before sunrise.

Had a couple guys ask about hangups on the SmartFish by pm, so I figured I'd track down the thread and reply.

No lure is snagproof, but the only one I've lost so far was on a piece of underwater cable.  The YouTube video below has a couple of shots of how the lure moves, and how that zinc keel keeps the tailhook high when you're jigging or popping it around rocks.  First sequence, at the 6 second mark, shows you why.  I wouldn't fish it directly down onto thick timber, but I wouldn't fish ANYTHING with an exposed hook directly down on timber.  Key is this:  If you're going to fish any blade bait or lipless rattling crankbait on or near bottom, with that zinc keel, the balance of the lure, and no belly hook, the SmartFish will hang up far less often than most anything else on the market.  This is one of the safest body baits to fish on or near bottom.


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