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Difficult crappies. Hundreds of fish without mouths

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river rat78:
If you're looking for crappies to hammer your bait try using a small jigging rapala.

hardwater diehard:
Also are you using light 2,3,4 # works best ....also a good Ball Bearing swivel ...if your lures spin its a NO NO  :nono:

river rat78:
Sometimes they just might not be active. I fish this one lake where I will mark a lot of fish but have a hard time getting them to bite. When I find them on the hunt away from the school they are more willing to bite.

Sometimes they just aren't into minnow imitations but will take a smallish tungsten jig with plastic imitating a nymph or leech. May not be hungry, just a curiosity take or between meals munch. Taking a couple can sometimes get a tough bite started into something. Agree that better 'gills often cruise with the crappies during the day

In my experience, when I end up on a stack of crappies that just won't bite, its like that's their sleeping room.  Often when I move to like a few hundred feet to few hundred yards or so, I will find the transition zone where schools of crappies are moving out for feeding or just coming back from feeding and still willing to bite. 


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