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Effective 12/11/17 only one (1) post will now be required to access the Reports and Conditions forums!

In order to keep the South Dakota forums manageable and organized for every one to enjoy and make information easier to locate, please help by doing your part as well.

1.) It takes a minimum of 3 posts to see the Reports and Conditions board. Please do not make three non-content posts to access it - or three smiley face posts in a row. They will be deleted and you will lose your post count. Contribute something helpful or useful to the forum.

2.) Please do not post lake conditions or reports on the South Dakota general board. They will be removed or merged to the appropriate thread topic.

3.) If you do not see something you want to know about on the first page of the South Dakota general board, you have 2 options:

            A.) Look at page 2, 3, then 4.... until you find what you are looking for; or
            B.) Use the search function because there is a great chance there are a number of threads already started where you may contribute.

4.) On the Reports and Conditions board....Please post conditions of the ice and fishing reports only. Others may not desire to sift through a dozen or so idle chit chat posts to find pertinent posts on a certain body of water. Use the main South Dakota forum for general threads and the Ice Fishing Meet-up's and Invites! thread to coordinate your ice meets.

Thank You.


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