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Anyone been on Alaska fishing trip recently?


thinking of taking a trip next year.just wondering if anyone has been there and has any recommendations or advice.

I haven't been to Alaska, but I know I saw something big swim by my table saw down in the basement this morning. ;D

I was stationed in Anchorage from 1982 to 1985. Definitely hit the Russian River on the Kenai peninsula for Salmon and I would suggest taking a charter for Halibut out of Seward and I would do a fly in to a lake and go after some Rainbows. Try Rusts flying service at Lake Hood which is right next to the Anchorage International Airport. Lake Hood is the largest float plane base in the world so finding a charter into a lake will be easy. There are plenty of rivers for salmon but it depends on the time of year that you are going. June /July is perfect. They have about 21 hours of light during that time. You can rent a RV and hit a lot of rivers in the area. I know the Russian has a campground right near by. I had a ball up there and I know you will too. Exercise extreme caution when fishing on the rivers. You can easily walk around a bend in the river and walk into bears. Enjoy......Max


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