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What was you most productive day on the Ice

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Mine was back in 79 at Horn pond in Acton. we had 99 flags and caught 72 fish between 3 of us. We had a lull at about noon for about a half hour but other than that it was non stop action. That was fun but boy were we sore from all the running. But there have been other days when I didn't even get a single flag and I just needed the time spent with friends fishing or by myself. ;D

boy, thats a tuff one..gonna have to think about it for awhile :o

Had a good day on moosehead just before dark....BUT.......watc hin cliff chase and monitor everyone else's flag till dark on the first sabbattus trip...WELL THAT was priceless............. ...... :tipup:

Splake Slayer:
Everyday I Do!  ;D


Depends if you're talking about trout/salmon or warm water fish.  I've only recently started chasing trout thru the ice and my best day so far is 6 fish (togue) landed.  I've got a lot more warm water fish under my belt.  Yesterday, at Maranacook was the best ever in terms of numbers.  An epic blitz of historical proportions for me and my buddy Warren.  We ended up icing over 270 fish in a little over 6 hours.  A mix of small to medium bass, yellow perch, sunfish, and fallfish.  The fish were stacked up pre-spawn like cordwood in 12-15 feet of water.  Zercom was lit up from the bottom to about 5 feet below the ice. We jigged most of the fish since trap fishing would have been too high maintenance.  The panfish were no dinks either. At one point, I caught one on a 5" sucker set on a trap.  Gives you an idea of the size.  Unreal day. Warren and I often pull 100 fish between the 2 of us at this location, but this was the next level.  The only thing missing was that we usually end up punching at least a boot through the rotten ice on our last jigfest.  Sort off adds to the fun.  Was a little different yesterday.  28" of ice!

Jim C.


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