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I saw a article in the paper saying that instead of hamering another $3 to all permits, they are going to tax canoes (unless you buy a fishing license) in an effort to get money from some of the non-paying sportsmen. So the $3 becomes $2 and the money is suppose go to hire bilogist to work on the recreational part. For me, I will pay what ever it takes to Hunt/Fish but where is the limit? The state needs to find more ways then just jacking up the prices of permits to support the DIF&W to keep the division going. They need more Wardens, Bioligist,a nd support staff. Basically the state took from them to balance a budget years ago and this is what the paying sportsman get! Arrggh, it really burns my #@s!

What's everybody else's opinion?

We pay a lot less than many states. I don't like paying more but how can we complain about paying even anouther $10 for a license? It costs that to go to the movies once and you can fish for thousands of hours at your leasire.

licenses are cheap for the value we get.  Many states tax the carp out of your boat (hundreds a year baby).

How about taxing farmers whose runoff pollutes the lakes, loggers whose work erodes the landscape and ages the lakes, and electric power companies that stop fish from getting to there native habitat by damming the rivers.  All of these guys pay hefty taxes in Maine I am sure.  Does any of it get to IFW?

According tho the Governor 250K will go to them next year, a far cry from what this states constitution reads!

Many states tax the carp out of your boat (hundreds a year baby).

I heard Carp will do that...just jump right in your boat without warning...crazy carp


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