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The DIY gravity filter, From start to Finish. COMPLETED!!!

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5gal bucket. With lid  2.97
Coarse blue filter 5.97
Fine filter poly fill 3.98
PVC pipe fittings 3.20
PVC pipe if you don't have any laying around you can pick up a couple 2' pieces at the store for around $5 most small hardware stores sell it by the foot
Six packs of dollar store scrubbers $6

Total cost if you dont have some of the parts laying around from other projects is roughly $26 and should handle hundreds of bait . You'll also need a pond pump I just picked up a 500gph pump for $22 online

Thanks for doing this freshbait!

Hopefully my thread here has enough information regarding the build up of this style filter and hopefully there were enough pictures..  if anyone had questions regarding any portion of the build up feel free to ask.   Or of you,d like to see something in more detail.

Freshbait, you are my mentor here on this bait tank build. Might have to stop by and visit when I go to visit my pop in Boothbay for X-mas.

I think you have answered all my questions on the filter itself. You said you will use a 500gph pond pump in this build that you found online... is it submersible? I'm finding pond pumps at home depot, but they are all submersible. Is that what I want? And if so, does it just go in the tank like it is or do I want to build a box around it? Pretty clear on the tank, the filter, all the filter media... just not the pump.

This one says 1000gph... is it going to matter? You recommended an 800gph pump in my build thread. It's magnetic drive, will that work?|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_avg_rating%7C1&facetInfo=

You can either go submersible or plumb it from the tank into the pump then to the filter.   With the pump submerged you will get some heat so it can be a good to keep the tank from freezing.   With a strong pump you may have to make a screen guard around it to keep your smaller bait from getting sucked up into the pump and clogging the impeller.   That 1000gph. Pump will be fine, the mag drives last longer and run quieter.   If your gonna want to really stock your tank your gonna want  really good turnover through your filter.   100gal tank with 1000gph pump will filter all your water 10x an hour.  Which is a lot, but with high fish densities I think it's perfect.   The 1000gph rating is at no head so the higher the pump has to pump the water up its output  decreases untill it reaches a point it can't pump the water any higher.   Plus with a spray bar, fittings, and size of piping./tubing it decreases outlet flow Uteit as well. 


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