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The DIY gravity filter, From start to Finish. COMPLETED!!!

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With everyone starting to build bait tanks, and all the questions on gravity style filters.  I decided I'd do a DIY gravity filter, from start to finish so that everyone can see how to make one.   Here are the goals build it cheap, with readily available pieces some of you may have laying around the house and reliable, simple to maintain, with a clean fit and finish.  I'm gonna start on it this saturday when I have some time to devote to it out in the shop. I'll have a parts list, and price list for what I have into it.  Once I'm done with the filter, I'll put it into action with a bait tank build out of a 55gal plastic barrel.   

Perfect I am actually looking to make my own filter

Ok,  so I've gotten around to fooling with this gravity filter.   I'll be using a 5 gal bucket,  a couple packs of the the plastic scrubbies that you can find at the dollar store for the bio media,  I'm stealing the stuffing out of one of the wifes many throw pillows  ;D for the fine filter material, and I'm taking one of my old HVAC blue filters and washing it and gonna use it for my coarse filter material,  for the plumbing of the filter I'll be using 3/4"PVC for the water coming in, and 1-1/4" for the water going out.   I went bigger for the outflow b/c the incoming water is under pressure,  the outflow will just be gravity fed  so I want to make sure that my outflow will handle the water coming into the filter and be able to get rid of it at a fast enough rate.  Some asst 90 deg elbows, some couplers should cover the plumbing portion of the piping. 

I have a couple ways to go about setting up this filter to work with a bait tank.   I could run the pump into the filter which would be above the tank and have it drain into the tank. 

Or I could mount the filter slightly above the tank and next to it so that the drain will siphon back into the bait tank.   The pump will pump water into the filter and the drain will allow the water levels to  equalize b/w the filter and the tank.  this would maintain water in the filter. 

I'll be setting it up to be used either way, so I'll show how to hook it up to run as a siphoning drain as well.   

Now off to the shop to start taking pictures and I'll post them later tonight.   

The best way to do it is to mount your filter about a foot above your tank and just let gravity do its job. You will want to put in a valve on the exit so you can control the outflow allowing your filter to maintain water above your filter media at all times. They are only a couple bucks for a cheap plastic one.. its all you need.

Its pretty straight forward on how to do it. Water entering a bucket up top, fine media, course media, bio media, exit on bottom. You might need a brick to put on top so the filter media doesnt float up too high. Go ahead and put in an overflow as well in case your filter ever gets backed up. The overflow is a 2" PVC outlet angled down out of the bucket towards your tank. No valve, just a straight shoot so any water backing up can go out into your tank instead of overflowing.

I'm well versed in the making of Gravity filters,  However some of our fellow members may not be. That is the point of this DIY.  To show step by step how to make one, as well as a few variations.

I have finished the filter and taken the pictures, I just have to upload them. 


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