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Figured we should get this thread going early this year, hoping to meet some other members on the ice this season.

I live right on Lake Newell and will be in my shack most of my days off. Always up for meeting new people and spending a day on the ice. Let me know if you'll be in the area and want to meet up sometime. Cheers everyone and good luck this season.

hoping to meet up with a few people this hardwater season. I have a truck and all the gear. I currently live in Devon and frequent pigeon, south buck and gull.

J Hynes:
New to the Lethbridge area. I have a shelter, heater, hand auger just looking for someone to show me around and spend a day on the ice when the season opens. pm me if interested


Another year still here ! Lol  Looking for another retired old guy
 To fish the south , am out of Okotoks ,  Let me know !

Demasterangler, Im looking to fish Newell and a few other southern lakes this year, but its a hell of a drive for me.  Maybe we can get together at some point and you can show me around?


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