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Minnow Trapping/Bait Catchin`

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i use a standard minnow trap. bait trap with a can o cat food with small hole poked in it i trap a small run off crick with the maximun legal opening in the trap 1" i wade creek to find deep holes 1 to 2 feet :o you can see them so you can rule out unproductive holes i set traps like a fur trapper then seine rest of crick for an hour go back and lift traps out one trick i seine the hole the traps are in before pickin them up go back next day and do it again  thankx for the ice tip will do it mo

Here are some pictures of my 'guppies' and my bait-catching program:

Here's a picture of the 'guppies' and my bait-catching program, volume two :)

Do you catch chubs with the catfood or suckas? I use drydawg food in mesh bags in my traps for minnows. I have been unable to get the chubs in the stream/river next to the house to go in a trap, me and my boys have been catchin em rod n reel with a berkely maggot on our ice rods.
I mostly trap ponds, ifya try to seine em ya would disappear and never be heard from again! I`ll have to try seining the stream/river for suckas, I havent seen anything but creekchubs in the stream yet thou. Should I try the catfood can thing in the stream? I struck out with the dogfood. Thanx for the pics ,looks like ya gutta couple of good helpers there! I can`t get my 2 boys to help with anything , but they are 17-19 now <so it`s typical!

Here are a few pics of the tank/bait so far:



BottomTank-Goldens and Common Shiners:


Trap on Brutha...Trap on....

I have a lot of helpers, mama pesce (my wife), who is on the forum, a member of shanty.  Mofish Jr, who is a member of ice shanty, my son, who is 30.  My four daughters, (two stepdaughters, two daughters) and a son.  It takes a lot of bait to get this crew going fishing, that's why it necessitated having the 300 gallon tank, which because I'm a commercial truck driver, I was able to obtain it for free.  (don't cry, I wish I could get you one two!) The run-off creeks that I usually trap contain chubs, suckers, zace, horned dace, szulpins. Wish I could trap the ponds around our house!  As of this date, I've never caught anything in a trap in a lake, most of the time your traps will get stolen, we're in metro-Pittsburgh with approximately 2 million beady eyes looking at your traps.  Most of the time I trap while watching them.  Had numerous traps stolen when left overnite.  Was truly amazed to find out that I could get the most minnows in the first hour, leaving them overnite, (they are smart, I watched them go in and out of the trap), you usually end up with a trap full of giant bait because they can't get back out.  Yes, the cat food does work for every species, but you could have phenomenal luck using cheese, the only problem, it soils the water a ton.  that's why I use the the cat food, just for scent, so I don't soil my water. Where do you live? It could determine the species of bait available to you.


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