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Twin 40 gallon trash buckets with 11/2 siphon inbetween......300 gallon pump to 5gallons of bio balls via home made spay balls have 21 square feet of surface are for bacteria to grow and super saturates the water with oxygen.One gallon of bioballs will support 60 gallons of water heavily stocked with bait.
The nice thing about this setup is you can expand with extra barrels as needed.

nice setup, 
Alot of people forget about the bacteria that is needed for a good healthy system.  Alot of times all you need is a good amout of surface area for the bacteria and your golden.  I used to use a pool sand filter to do all my filtering for my tanks.  Just had to get rid of it when I moved 3yrs ago,  wish now I would have kept it. 

Sand filters have a huge amount of surface area for bacteria and should do a good job at keeping bait in the largest of tanks......most pool pumps are up to 1hp and pump 5gallons a minute......thats serious water flow!

b turdy:

--- Quote from: DasRottweiler on Dec 12, 2011, 06:23 AM --- I use a 5gallon aerated bucket and an Igloo insulated cooler. The Igloo stays in the truck when I check traps and then any bait caught goes in it for the ride home to the tanks.  The screw-off lid on the Igloo WILL freeze on, mine is cracked, evidence of that. As long as the Igloo doesn`t tip over (I bungee it in place) , I have no leaking. I am assuming you were asking how we transport bait when trappin?, I use the 5gallon bucket on the ice as well as a smaller bait bucket when I travel light.

--- End quote ---

yes sir -- I have a 40 something quart cooler with an airerator -- only problem is, when i hit a bump, she splashes, and the leaks all over -- just trying to figure out how to keep the water in.....

Hey guys!! I need some NH gouge..  Well, originally from midcoast maine I am now here in Manchester NH and love it here.. Been in CA for 5 years and so glad to be back in NE.. The ol lady is planted down with a good job and there's plenty of water around for me to play! I have set traps all around here in paces where one would think there has to be SOMETHING, turn up with nothing.. I'm not completely new to trapping, have caught thousands and stocked a pond behind the folks' place but down here I am new to the area and have NO idea where to go.. any help?  I have a few set in a nice secure place on Massabesic.. kinda my last resort for right now..  SO... any of you familiar with the Manchester/Hooksett area? I need some help here!! No i'm not going to trap the &*^% out of it, i made one trap and bought one and just want to keep a few dozen on hand so that I can have bait on hand at all times.. I think the only place around here close is the taxidermy hunt/fish shop by the traffic circle in Hooksett..  If you have storage for the little guys, I would even help stock you up when I can too.. I'm active duty and am a survival instructor with a crazy schedule so you could even borrow the traps.. I am a real guy here with no fishin buddies within an hour from here so whatever I can do to help... OH, I also have an Eskimo auger that has bad compression, would consider trades for stuff.. If you guys dont want to give up your favorite watering hole that's cool, I understand.. Happy fishing to you all!!  :tipup:   email me if you would... maineyamahaman at yahoo


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