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Fished Round Lake yesterday.  5" of good ice.  Caught 5 trout 12 - 14" and a dozen perch.    No one fishing Cocolalla yet.  Its frozen over but not quite safe.   They are fishing upper Twin and Lower Twin.  Lower Twin has pretty skimpy ice.  Ill wait a bit to try that one.   

I drive past Cocalla every day and have yet to see anyone on it yet.  I drove out to Hauser yesterday and people have been on it but there wasnt anyone there yesterday.  Kelso had a couple ofguys on it a week or so ago and they said the ice was about 2 1/2 in. thick.  Not enough for me.  I hear upper twin has about 5 on it.

oh and the little area next to the long bridge had some dude out on it this morning.

Fished Lower Twin New Years Day morning.   5" of ice and the fishing was slow.  Blue backs were running about 10".  Couldn't get a perch to bite.   Upper Twin has 6" of good ice and they are catching small perch.

I fished Kelso on Monday with no bites.  There is plenty of good ice there. 8 maybe 10 inches.  Last friday there where a few people on Coccalala. And again this morning.  So there must be enough ice there. 


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