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First fish of 2023

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Found 3" of solid clear on a couple ponds after work today, so I gave one of them a sit for about an hour and a half.

The bite was not bad... not a hot bite by any means, but better than I figured I would have in the middle of a cold snap. I ended up getting 9 gills, and what might be the smallest largemouth bass I've ever caught in my entire life.

Went back to the same pond for about another 90 minutes this afternoon with little man. Ice was 3.5-3.75" today, but the bite was much slower.

I only caught a few small gills, but the kiddo pulled one decent gill and a really nice crappie right before we packed it in for the day.

Took the boys (8 & 10) out today.  The 8-yr-old was Crappie King, taking wins in first fish, last fish, Most fish, and biggest fish @ 13".  And he was the only one fishing without a flasher!

3.75" of ice.

Nice  :thumbsup: That was the only crappie for us. There's not a whole lot of them in the pond we were fishing. It's mostly a gill and largemouth pond. There are a few crappies, catfish, and walleye in there, though.

I'm gonna hit it again solo after work today. Tomorrow is the last forecast cold day, and the ice is going to burn off fast with forecast highs in the 40s + rain in the 10 day.

Fished again from 2-6pm.  Ended up with 45 between the 4 of us.  Fish were in a foul mood!  Fished ALL my favorite lures today.  Caught about 1-2 fish on each of them.  Saturday will be my next (last?) chance to get out.


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