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Is there wax worm shortage

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Do you think the quality of Gulp Waxies are better now then a few years back. Years ago they just same to be rubbery texture and brake easily.
Be safe  :tipup:

I've never really had a big issue with them. I bought a ton of them on clearance a few years back from a place that was going out of business, and I'm still using that stash with no problems.

It does seem like the white and natural colored ones are more fragile than the other colors in my experience, though.

I am in same boat on southern end of ice belt they are pretty dang hard to find. I was listening to a podcast and they recommended beaver tail bait as a wax worm/spike substitute. I figured what the heck do I have to lose and bought 15 bucks worth from their website. That was two years ago and I am still using them. The action is incredible and it still has the ďmeatĒ aspect of a live bait option. Letís just say I donít even shop anymore for live bait and go straight to my stash of beaver tail bait. It is recommended you keep them in the fridge when not in use so they donít dry out. Highly recommended

Like Zcm82 said, the gulp alive waxie's work good.  I have some white and pink ones that go on every spoon I drop.  Also at times the gulp alive minnow 1" size can be hot as well. I think some of the better plastic's have a better action if that's what the fish are looking for that day, but I do trust the science behind the berkley products.

I like the natural, white, and chartreuse best, but occasionally I'll have a day where they go nuts on the pink or red ones, too.

I've tried the little Gulp minnows with sort of disappointing results, but I'm also just after panfish more than bigger stuff. I have had a few bass and catfish smack them, but it seems like even they are more likely to hit the waxies if I have a line with each bait down.

The little Powerbait Fry work good for me on occasion, too. If the fish are being real finicky, sometimes I'll lop most of the head off the fry and just string the tail bit on a little 3mm tungsten jig.


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