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Is there wax worm shortage

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Is there a shortage of wax worm or are they selling a ton of them. I have been to about 4 different places and are sold out. I just decided to order from Jada Bait Co. and get it over. For now plastic will have to do. We need some cold temperature to get the ice a little safer. Be safe :tipup:

We had a short cold snap here. I searched every local place that sold bait. Every one was empty or had rotten bait in the coolers. One stunk so bad I let the lady at the counter know.

some of the places around here quit carrying wax worms, like farm king and gas stations.
i drive almost 100 miles roundtrip a couple times a season to pick up a tub of 250
but there are days when the bite is so good i just use plastics or spoons
and opening some of those gas station worm fridges can about knock you over from the smell  ;D

Not many places carry them around here anymore, and most of the time the ones that do have a bunch of half dead ones in the tubs.

I switched to Gulp Waxies a few winters ago and never looked back. I catch just as many fish on them as the real deal, and don't have to worry about keeping them alive.

hardwater diehard:
I know in my area most bait shops dont order till around 1st of the year..they sell off the left over bait from fall fishing  Jan 1st  seems to be the season kickoff .


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