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Greetings, has anyone ventured out on the ice (local ponds or lakes) in the central Illinois region yet. I'm thinking about heading to Ramsey State Park, near Vandalia on Tuesday or Wednesday before the warm up hits. Any reports in the region are appreciated. I'm expecting to find 3-4" of ice based on the number of days below freezing.

Tight Lines,


Made it out today in west-central IL.  4-7" on the 3-acre pond I fished.

Planning on heading out tomorrow in the Blo/No area. Will report back. Wanted to get out today, but between work and weather, think I'll take my chances tomorrow afternoon.

Fished some ponds yesterday around Macomb, 4”-8” of ice. Caught a ton of small bass! Also had my daughter with me for her first time on the ice! She loved watching the Garmin, I didn’t even get to use it.

Had 6-7.5" on the pond I fished today in Iroquois County. 

Lot of little bass today here, too... had one nice one on, but jig popped out right under the ice trying to get it in the hole. Probably the most largemouths I've ever had hit in a sitting on that pond, but they were all little 6-8 inchers aside from the one I lost.

Warmup coming in tomorrow, so the ice will be shot before long... gonna hit the same pond tomorrow after work before it all goes to mush and the edges rot.


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