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206:10 Powers and Duties.

I. It shall be the duty of the executive director to function as the chief administrator of the commission and to protect, propagate and preserve the fish, game, and wildlife resources of the state and to protect and conserve nongame birds of the state. The executive director shall, subject to the limitations hereinafter set forth, have the power and authority to adopt and enforce rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, for the adequate and effective control, management, restoration, conservation, and regulation of the fish, game, bird, and wildlife resources of the state, including rules designed to prohibit or otherwise regulate nonagricultural activities which may cause the introduction or spread of infectious disease in the state's wildlife resources. Such power and authority shall include: (a) the right, after consultation with the commission, to set and charge fees adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A, (b) the right to open and close the season for taking fish, game, birds, and wildlife, and (c) the right to fix the size, number and weight limits, and other conditions governing the method and manner of taking the same. Such power and authority may be exercised with reference to the state as a whole, or for any specified county or part thereof, or for any lake, pond, stream, or part thereof.

II. [Repealed.]
III. [Repealed.]

IV. The executive director of the fish and game department, after notice and hearing pursuant to RSA 541-A, may impose an administrative fine not to exceed $2,000 for each offense upon any person who violates any provision of this title, any rule adopted under this title, or the terms or conditions of any permit or contract entered into under the authority of this title. Rehearings and appeals from a decision of the executive director under this paragraph shall be in accordance with RSA 541. Any administrative fine imposed under this section shall not preclude the imposition of further penalties under this title. The proceeds of administrative fines levied pursuant to this paragraph shall be deposited into the fish and game reserve fund. The executive director shall adopt rules, under RSA 541-A, relative to:
(a) A schedule of administrative fines which may be imposed under this paragraph for violation of this title; and
(b) Procedures for notice and hearing prior to the imposition of an administrative fine consistent with RSA 541-A:16-21.
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Good Luck!!!

hardwater diehard:
DrummerManDrew not a peep since the original post ...may be his luck already ran out


--- Quote from: hardwater diehard on Apr 04, 2022, 03:16 PM ---DrummerManDrew not a peep since the original post ...may be his luck already ran out

--- End quote ---

He's just exercising his right to remain silent.

That's funny... well... I've had my fair share of Division of Wildlife (DOW) bullSh*t back in CO, so I complete get the frustration.

Sometimes, you luck out and get a cool officer, sometime not.

The other day it was raining later evening and I was coming home on 106, got pulled over. I was having harder time seeing the lines in the road, not paying attention to my speed...

Yep.. 67 in a 55.. lol Young cop, asks me questions and then was super chill and had just reminded me to watch my speed. I got off... I was really tired that evening.

So they do exist, just not so much anymore

Uppervalley Kid:

--- Quote from: articcat on Apr 01, 2022, 08:19 AM ---Have you called F&G yet for explanation?
What is violation?? RSA 206 10
Keep us posted

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