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Swan Song for the Season

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Ice had started to reform even in south county but the ice was retreating elsewhere on the pond. I doubt it was cold enough in savoy to keep what Iíve was left plus reform the edges. But hopefully by Sunday some miracle will happen

Jim we gotta hook up for some river action.


--- Quote from: lowaccord66 on Mar 24, 2022, 06:45 AM ---Jim we gotta hook up for some river action.

--- End quote ---

I'd love to Jon, but I fear it will be a while till the rivers up my way are "primed" for it.

All I've been able to catch on streams for the past month or so have been tiny brookies (and one oddball perch) on tiny brooks.

Have things been any better "down south"? 

I know the rivers down your way are probably close to a month ahead of where I am.

We had abaolutely ideal flows last weekend.  They are now highm. Nothing that would stop someone like yourself from catching but definetly a bit trickier for me with the fly rods.  I soent a few hours early sunday and landed 2 bows. 

Could there be a late season resurgence in the Berkshires with these cold temps coming this week?

Lows in the single digits or low teens 3 nights in a row and highs in the 20s


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