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Good luck to all those brave and hardy soles giving it a go tomorrow..

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I hope that the weather gods and keeper of fish are kind... not digging the full moon for you all.

Catch 'em up and be safe.

I fished everyday this week in some awesome weather ,except for Monday's winds. Fish cooperated , I think with the showers/rain  coming that I'll take a few days off !

Arctic Addict:
Thanks Joe, the ice won't be here much longer.


--- Quote from: Arctic Addict on Mar 18, 2022, 06:23 PM ---Thanks Joe, the ice won't be here much longer.

--- End quote ---
Yup, this time of year, destruction  works from both sides, it goes quick ly.. be safe and good luck.

Soo glad I got out yesterday/ last night. That rain and wind was brutal today. I'm sure those holes were swirlin today.
Surprisingly there was no water on the ice yesterday,even at 73 degrees. Top 6 " was soft, but bottom 6-8 was decent. It was definitely the last day I'd put a machine on the ice, personally. Some pretty good holes open.
We we're rewarded pretty well for our efforts. Ended the night with 21 Cusk!! Although nothing was over a couple pounds, had a blast and some tasty morsels tonight.

Good luck to all on the Last Run!


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