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Tonight, God chose to give me the biggest fish I have ever caught through the ice!  I am still not quite sure how a 13 lb 2 oz fish fit through my 6" hole!  My 9-yr-old son asked me more than once during the 5-minute tug-of-war if he could reel it in.  Part of me wishes I had let him! I may have considered it if I had something stronger than 4# line.  Also, I was hoping early on that I had hooked a monster walleye or smallie.  I guess I'm still on the selfish side from time to time.

Anyway, all glory belongs to the Lord for a day my boy and I will never forget!


That had to be one heck of a pull squeezing that fatty up a 6 incher.  :o

My arm got a little wet! ;D

I've lost a few catfish to 6" holes over the years, but none of them were anywhere near that big.

I bent out a hook straight trying to get one's head lined up with the hole early this season that was probably a 4-5 pounder.

I actually haven't iced anything very big this winter 🤔


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